Change Bubbles’ Color & Add Contact Pictures In iOS 7 Messages App

Change Bubbles’ Color & Add Contact Pictures In iOS 7 Messages App

The synergistic notices provided by biteSMS may be awesome, but a great deal of people utilize it for its great visual facets, also. The stock Messages app in iOS 7, but then, has been dropped out, along with the remaining of the user display, but the primary color scheme of the app hasn’t altered a great deal. If you are turning to get a bit bored by viewing your texts put on the same, old interface each and every day, then Messages Customiser might be a fine-tune that can assist in this aspect. This Cydia release doesn’t boost up the Messages app with a shipload of qualities, but the alteration it does permit customers to make are really meaningful however. Along with this tweak, you are allowed to alter the UI of the chat bubbles to any color shade of your selection, and change the total shade of the Messages app as well. It is also possible to fiddle with the shape and structure of these bubbles, while the tweak’s capability to link up images with SMS threads makes Messages Customiser an essential for anyone who has off late browsed the iOS 7 jailbreak for the first time.

Messages Customiser Bubbles

As you would anticipate, Messages Customiser has to be assembled from the menu it includes to the stock Settings menu. Users get to choose individual colors for SMS bubbles, iMessage bubbles and bubbles for messages that have been received (so that they can be distinguished from the sent items at a glimpse). To alter other facets of these bubbles, the ‘Show Message Tails’ and ‘Wide Message Bubbles’ switches can be utilized. In order to change the total UI of the Messages app, the ‘App Tint’ and ‘Gradients’ choices have been made available. These facilities permit you to alter the border colors of threads and other few features.

Messages Customiser Settings

The awesome matter regarding Messages Customiser is that the app does not turn in your texts to look different from the rest of iOS 7. The colors do alter, but the total feeling of the Messages app stays mostly unmoved. So, if you are in the habit of endlessly altering your iPhone’s wallpaper, and want to match up the interior of the SMS app with the Springboard, try out this tweak once and you won’t be let down. Messages Customiser is a free tweak, and can be downloaded from the ModMyi repository of the Cydia store.

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