Check out some popular ways to rename a file in OSX

Check out some popular ways to rename a file in OSX

Renaming a file is super easy and needs no separate tutorial as such but it can always happen if you are a new user and you are spending a lot of time experimenting and fidgeting with the computer. A small tap of finger can change the Settings unknowingly leaving you baffled and wonder what went wrong. The following tutorial will help you get accustomed to some common yet popular ways to rename a file in OSX.

Steps to rename a file in OSX

The easiest and the convenient way to rename a file is to tap on the file, pause a while and then again tap on it. You can rename it. If you alter the System Preferences using the Accessibility Panel, this process may not work for you. In that case head towards the remaining two steps.

If you do not know about this method, then it’s sure gonna excite you. Just click on the file and hit Enter. This method is quick and so easy to use.


This is the conventional method which may be slowest but will never fail you. Tap on the file, single tap with two fingers. When the context menu opens, select Rename.

You are done!

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