China bans Apple devices from government over ‘security concerns’

China bans Apple devices from government over security concerns
China bans Apple devices from government over security concerns

A new addition in China’s block list. Well the country has dine record in banning technical support of major tech giants like Microsoft, Samsung and now it’s Apple. China has blocked the MS Office in the past and also Windows 8 because they think these foreign comoanies are nothing more than a security threat towards the Government. China has now started promoting the nation made products as replacements. Few days back I shared a similar news regarding the ban of support from Kaspersky and Symantec antivirus service from Government sector in fear of espionage.

China Government banned Apple from a list of approved companies owing to security concerns as stated by them. Blooomberg approached the government officials and they replied that the Government has quit support from Apple products like iPads snd Macbooks have been quit amd the ban has been approved on July. The name and identity of the officials have been withheld by Bloomberg. A total of 10 Apple products have been excluded and we wonder which company is going to be the next target.

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