Chrome on Android To Automatically Download Articles To Read Offline

Google has always succeeded in bringing things that its user base might want, but much before the users have thought of any such requirements. When Google brings something, we are like Whoa, we never really thought of it but it’s such a great innovation. Again it, sometimes, brings certain things that may divide users as to whether these features are useful or invasive. Keeping aside this dilemna, Google keeps on presenting big and small ideas. The latest among the list is the new feature that is accompanying Chrome for Android.

The new feature in Chrome for Android will automatically download news articles whenever the user is connected to Wi-Fi or unlimited mobile data connections. This feature is aimed at countries where data connectivity is a bit costly or limited. Chrome browser will download all relevant news articles, doc files or any web content relevant to your location. If you’ve signed into Chrome, then the browser will explore your browsing history and enhance the service further.

The downloaded articles will be saved to a “popular pages from Chrome” folder in the browser’s download page, from where they can be accessed without an internet connection. If your region is providing this service, then you must get an update on your Chrome application on Play Store. Mostly, you will automatically receive the update. If you are not getting it, then go to Play Store and check if an update is available for your device.

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