CVC Pharmacy, US’s largest pharmacy chain unveils standalone mobile payment solution

CVC Pharmacy, world's largest pharmacy chain unveils its standalone mobile payment solution

Apple pay, Google Pay, Samsung pay have now become household names for us and we are aware of the mobile payment solutions offered by these companies. More and more companies have jumped on the bandwagon. However, in this cat race of developing mobile payment solutions, the first one of its kind is a Pharmacy company CVC Pharmacy. CVC Pharmacy is a subsidiary of CVC Health, the largest pharmacy chain of the United States have developed its own mobile payment service from scratch.

The service is known as CVC Pay and the company is going to include NFC facility but right now it deploys barcodes for accomplishing payment options. VS Health Chief Digital Officer Brian Tilzer said:

What we’re trying to do is provide real utility and solve real problems for customers using digital. With one scan, we’re taking away three or four extra steps that customers have lived with for a long time.

Health is an emergency and real issue and the company will launch several services that can help people with several advantages. The app not only enables users to make payment but also helps them save credit card and debit card information and can pay with the help of barcodes. Payments can be done by a number of payment sources including HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) and FSAs (Flexible Spending Accounts). The app is available for both iOS and Android.“It has to be more than just payments,” says Tilzer. “The value is in combining a couple of these things…and the examples in the market where that has happened have worked really well.”

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