EmojiWorks launches a new physical emoji keyboard for Windows, OS X, iOS

Emojiworks launches a new physical emoji keyboard for Windows, OS X, iOS

EmojiWorks unveiled a new physical keyboard with emojis for Windows, OSX and iOS at a price of $100. Emojis have now become an important part of our conversation in the internet. It helps users to better express their emotions and feeling rather than typing them. So EmojiWorks is well aware of the craze of emojis and how people converse with emojis. Nowadays even all major mobile and computer platforms like Windows, Android, iOS have added features that gives emoji suggestions while typing. so if you are typing ‘love’, your keyboard suggestion panel will push heart emojis. EmojiWorks thus launched a new physical keyboard which will contain separate keys for emojis.

The new physical emoji keyboard is a wireless keyboard. As EmojiWorks says, this keyboard will help you type emojis 10 times faster. The emoji keyboard comes in three models, the normal Emoji Keyboard, The Emoji Keyboard Plus and the Emoji keyboard Pro. The Pro and the Plus models will have some added features like skin tones and more number of emojis. The keyboards are available for pre-order now. Emoji Keyboards are compatible with OS X El Capitan, Wundows 10 and iOS 9.

Source: EmojiWorks

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