Era of smart jewelry! Tago Arc e-link bracelet with endless designs

Tago Arc e-link bracelet with endless designs
Tago Arc e-link bracelet with endless designs

Imagine you can have one premium bracelet that has infinite number of patterns on it that can match with all your outfits. Well it sounds cool, right? Now you might be wondering how it’s possible, it’s absurd. Then let me tell nothing is impossible in 21st era of smart jewelry. So you are excited to own it? Just have to wait some more time. This prototype can be expected to be shipped by December.

Tago Arc is a bracelet but not an ordinary one. It’s extra-ordinary because it can be a high-tech fashionista’s best friend. When we buy a piece of jewelry, we look for the best or the latest design and go for the design. That particular design also doesn’t go with all the outfits, so we purchase another one and keep on purchasing and purchasing. But with Tago Arc we don’t need to bother about the pattern, we can switch to the design of our choice. This e-link bracelet doesn’t affect health or fitness, it’s all about fashion. One can adopt the style that they want via the e-link display. With the help of the smartphone and the e-link display, the user can switch to any design in a jiffy.

Tago Arc does not need to be charged. The bracelet is very elegant with black and white designs and high quality silver or gold or matt black patterns. The bracelet is made up of coated surgical stainless steel. It does not have any button or cord. It’s a high tech fashion that complements one’s dressing attire. It is simple wearable which is easy to interact. The Tago Arc is very user friendly in terms of its use. You just create a Tago design or buy it through the Tago App. Once you selected the design, you have to place your smartphone on top of your bracelet. You have to select the “Transfer” button on the Tago app and wait for the design to get implemented on your bracelet. It’s as simple as that. No need to buy a bangle for your new dress. It is compatible to NFC smartphone, so it will not work with iPhones as the NFC chip is locked down for Apple. The NFC draws the power from the mobile device’s battery when the user is changing the design at the time of transfer. While on displaying mode the e-link doesn’t need power so no charge is required for the rest of the time. So, it’s a battery free wearable. Currently it’s taking 15 seconds for the transfer but the developing team has mentioned to speed it up to 4X in the finished product.
The company is seeking crowd funding for the Tago Arc for $40,000 via IndieGoGo so that they can make it ready for shipment by December. Provided it works flawless, it will be a wonder in the fashion world and can draw most attentions. No doubt, its lightweight and fashionable…it’s a masterpiece with no hazards of Bluetooth connectivity or charging facilities nor it has some extra buttons that will give it a techie look. This is best one to gift your loved one. Ladies keep flaunting your Tago Arc bracelet!!

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