European Commission again calls for investigation on Amazon

European Commission again calls for investigation on Amazon

The European Commission has again called for an investigation on e-retailer Amazon. The popular e-retailer has been accused for unlawful dealings of ebooks with its partners and publishers. In the past Amazon has been accused by the same authority for avoiding taxes. This times, it’s the ebook sales policy of Amazon.

The European Commission wants to find out how the US based company is carrying out transactions with its partners. Amazon is reportedly forcing publishers to disclose their deals with the competing publishers. Amazon is compelling publishers to offer equal company terms and policies as that of its publishers. If true, then this policy is deleterious for the interest of small to medium publishers. These small publishers will be engulfed by the huge market share of Amazon.

The European Commission will look into the matter for the benefit of small businesses and check the credibility of the allegation. They will find out if such behavior is being done by this company which are against the interest of the publishers and businessmen of the country. The Commission said if Amazon is found guilty, the company will have to end up paying heavy penalties along with drastic actions against its business policies.

Back in December, Amazon was accused for avoiding tax on the profit incurred by the company. It was alleged that Amazon is giving huge discounts and desirable offers on goods at the cost of the tax which it is supposed to pay the Government. Many political leaders of Britain stood up against Amazon and urged the British commoners to boycott tax avoider Amazon. However, this time also Amazon denied all the allegations and said it would cooperate with the Government in carrying out the investigation.

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