@evleaks profiled in BBC video interview

@evleaks profiled in BBC video interview

People who are well accustomed with the everyday happenings of the vast world of gadgets and software @evleaks is not a new name to them. Eval Blass has been this guy who tweeted numerous leaks on upcoming gadgets and technology news and most of them have been authentic. Within two years he has managed to make a place of himself and even though he was an infamous leaker but no one cam disagree that he was the most demanding leaker as well.

We thought he would keep us wondering for years from now about his extraordinary authentic sources that deliver him almost correct news. But life somehow shows its darker side and multiple sclerosis made him retire voluntarily from his hard work. His early retirement has shocked fans, relieved competitors but in a short span of two years he made an incredible journey. We have never got to see him publicly but BBC News made it possible by calling up an interview with @evleaks.

We present some glimpses of him for his fans. He shared his experiences in extracting the leaks but refused to mention his sources. But one nitable thing said by him is that many companies deliberately leaked news to him for increasing the rating point and trend of the concerned item. It was a stategy of marketing. We also loved to see him but somehow disheartened to witness his broken health. Whatever, his two year old journey as a leaker has left an indelible impression on all of us.

Source: BBC / Image Via BBC

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