Figgerits: Best Free Brainstorming Word Game


Are you bored and want to play puzzle games? Here is an amazing free game for you. It is Figgerits. Figgerits is an amazing word game that will not only engage you in your free time, but also brainstorm your English Vocabulary skills.

In our leisure time, we often try to indulge ourselves with some brain triggering games. Figgerits is quite an interesting game, which will boost your English language vocabulary, and guessing power. The game has both positive and negative aspects. I shall share review keeping in mind both the positive and negative aspect.

First, I will state the reasons about loving the game. The game comes with a set of words. You have to identify all the words, by taking hints. There is a hint for every word. Every letter in a particular puzzle is assigned a number. The name is same for that letter throughout the puzzle. For example, if you identify the letter t, and it is assigned the number 7. Then all t‘s in all words in that puzzle will be 7. The game will autofill the letters based on the number, once you identify at least one letter or a word.

Along with every puzzle, comes a quote which is relevant to the theme of the puzzle.


  1. It will increase your English language skill for sure. After completion of every puzzle, you can check the quote, the meanings of every word that was there in the puzzle. This will definitely boost your skill.
  2. There is an Ad-Free version. You can choose it and play seamlessly.
  3. The game teaches you about elements, history, space, etc.
  4. The game is quite engaging and will keep you hooked.


  1. The gamer has no scope of any improvement. There is no way by which a gamer will feel motivated. There is no concept of leveling up, virtual rewards.
  2. Only a few themes are there. And the gamer has to play within the three themes. So, scope is automatically reduced.
  3. You cannot invite any friend to play with you, or at least keep a track of each others score.
  4. There is no way to login using social media handles or emails. So, once you uninstall your progress is lost completely.
  5. Even though it is an educational app, the ad videos often show explicit content. Thus, not suitable to give it to kids without purchasing it.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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