How to get Dynamic iTunes-Like Background Color Scheme in iOS 7 Music App?

Get A Dynamic iTunes-Like Background Color Scheme In iOS 7 Music App

iTunes 11 has a very beautiful unacknowledged facility that alters text and background color to correspond with the colors utilized in an album’s artwork all just by itself. As I am great buff of the particular feature, I expected from heart and soul that it would to pave its path to iOS 7′s stock Music app. Apple hasn’t pulled off to develop on that part still yet, but the vivacious iOS jailbreak forum hasn’t come up with one, but rather they have found out two possible solutions. Above Reddit’s iOS jailbreak community, the thought of dynamically altering button dialects and colors in iOS 7′s Music app’s ‘Now Playing’ screen was proposed just a few weeks ago. Two developers individually hit the rocks to work on it, and then presented it on the very same day after this weekend that just went by. We would talk about both the tweaks – ColorFlow & Colorize shortly!


Merely just for $2, this tweak will study the presently being played song’s album artwork, find appropriate colors, and then utilize them to alter the background color, text color for the song title name, album name, and contributing artist name, and also the volume slider.
It functions in the same manner as it has been commercialized, but only for few instants. Novertheless, based on the studies I have gone through o’er the web, it functions really awesome on brand new devices.


Merely just for $1, Colorize will alter the background color in the same manner, a few ones but not all of the text words, and the volume slider too. In spite of being designed from the alike algorithm, the outcomes are drastically dissimilar among Colorize and ColorFlow. You can find a few of them below:


Just for the price of simply $0, it will just haze out the Music app background based upon the album artwork of whichever song you are currently playing.

All three of the above mentioned tweaks are available from the BigBoss repository in Cydia. You will have to apparently require to jailbreak your device on iOS 7 to make use of them. Just make it sure to inform us as to what you conceived of the tweaks and which one you preferred to and why, by giving a comment below.

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