Google and Acer making 24-inch Chromebase for meetings

Google and Acer making 24-inch desktop PC for video conferences

Google and Acer have jointly manufactured Chromebase for meetings exclusively to hold video conferences. Google has several Chromebases in the market, but this one in collaboration with Acer is exclusively for a better video conferencing experience. This device is “all-in-one standalone secure video conferencing device” designed for small areas like desktops or office phone booths. In 2014, Google released its Chromebase along with Acer and two years later, it built the second Chromebase for meetings.

It’s 24 inch Desktop computer with an impressive 1080p touchscreen. According to Acer, the resolution is best till date incorporated in any Chrome device. Other features include HD conferencing camera, four microphones, and two stereo speakers. It’s Google’s second play in the video conferencing market, after releasing the Chromebox for meetings with Acer in 2014. The new Chromebase is specially designed to be used as a personal terminal for video conferencing between two people or more. The device will introduce improved remote fleet management tools, alert notifications and tracking of the health of their fleet of Chrome devices for meetings. The device will also be able to troubleshoot audio and video with efficiency.

The device has started receiving appreciable reviews. After testing Chromebase for meetings in its offices, SignalFx sees the benefits.
“Using Chromebase for meetings has been an amazing experience from the start! Right out of the box, it’s easy to use and lets us collaborate quickly. The centralized management option allows for full control and oversight, and the price is amazing as well.” — Heidi Olson, Executive Assistant / Office Manager, SignalFx

Source: Google

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