Google and Qualcomm to jointly incorporate Project Tango tech in smartphones

Google and Qualcomm to jointly incorporate Project Tango tech in smartphones

Google has intrigued the implementatiom of 3D mapping technology and realistic mobile computing experience with Project Tango long ago. In the videos launched by Google for Project Tango, we saw how Google aims to map the real world into the Virtual world. The company even showed how they envision to capture screenshots of real world and then play games or perfom other activities in that captured shots. In other words, the real world is captured within the mobiles and tablets.

Till now, many people thought that it is a far fetched dream that is no sooner going to be a reality. This assumption was not at all unreal as Google failed to produce a refernece design untill 2015 beginning which was their decided release date. But Google packed up with Qualcomm and is ready with their first Project Tango smartphone prototype.

As the prototype has arrived, we can expect Google to start a mass release of the phone very soon. Right now, the protoype consists of available tablet development kits, which are based on the Nvidia Tegra K1 chipset. Since these are bulky and huge in size, Google is planning to chop off the extras and scale it down to a convenient size of a smartphone. Qualcomm told that the prototype will be powered by a Snapdragon 810 chipset, teamed up with a variety of sensors. These sensors would form the backbone of the 3D mapping technology.

Qualcomm revealed that if everything goes fine, then the Project Tango smartphone can hit the market by the thrid quarter of thid year.

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