Google cuts Google Drive storage pricing, offering 1 TB for $9.99 per month

Google has planned for something bigger to combat the most popular cloud of Microsoft, i.e. OneDrive by huge price cut down in subscription. Not only Microsoft’s OneDrive but Google Drive gave competition to other cloud services like DropBox and Box. In the following paragraph you will know how Google cut down the amount for premium storage subscription services.

The amount of free storage Google Drive gives its users remains at 15GB, the company announced today that owing to “a number of recent infrastructure improvements” it will cut the price of 100GB of storage down to $1.99 a month. Its previous subscription cost was $4.99 a month. We are taken aback with Google’s decision and we wonder how Microsoft would react to this. Recently Microsoft changed the cloud name from SkyDrive to OneDrive and offered 3 GB extra storage to those who use the Camera Roll functions but at the same price.

Google offered done more attractive deals. Google Drive is now pricing that amount of storage at just $9.99 a month, compared to its earlier $49.99 a month.

You can even purchase more storage space from Google Drive, $299.99 a month for 30 TB. People who are already subscribing to Google Drive plans get their prices drop automatically.

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