How To Block Group Invites In WhatsApp?


WhatsApp is extremely popular phone messenger social media platform. WhatsApp had been acquired by Facebook, a few years back, and since then, the app has been incorporating new security features. But, there is one annoying feature in WhatsApp, which had not been dealt seriously till now. It is the group invite. Here, any WhatsApp group can add you without your knowledge whether you know the group admin or not. Till now, the only way to stop being added by unknown or unwanted group was Block the group admin.

But now, WhatsApp has finally launched a new feature with a great solution of that problem. Now you can decide who can add you in their group and who can invite you to join their group.

How To Block Unwanted Group Invited On WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has launched the new feature to avoid unwanted WhatsApp groups for both Android and iOS. Just make sure your WhatsApp is up to date.

Now open your WhatsApp account.

Go to Settings -> Account.

Now, go to Privacy.

Next, select Groups. Tap on the Groups.

On the Groups page you can see three options for Who can add me to groups. You can choose Everyone or My Contacts or you can exclude some people from your contacts.

Admin of the group who cannot add you can privately invite you to join the group. If you are not interested, then you have the option to block the invitation.

If you are already part of an unwanted group, then go to details page of that group and Exit group. Now you will be no longer part of the group. But if you have bounding to exit group and you do not want to be part of that just Mute the group up to one year. In that case you do not receive any notification, but you can follow chats if you want.

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