How to choose a worthy tutor online?


You are a student, and you soak up the majority of information like a sponge, but there is one subject that drives you crazy and steals your sleep. Or soon you will have an exam, and it is time to get ready for this. Cheating or cramming is impossible, and you are interested in figuring it out, that’s why you have decided to ask for help.

Dealing with a teacher is more comfortable and quicker to reach your goal. But you need a professional, and it will take some time to find an excellent one. These tips will help not to miss a thing and find a trustworthy tutor online.

1) Target an Object

Before you start looking for you, have to understand why you need him. Passing the exam, figure out the topic, make your knowledge deeper than it is now – each of the goals requires a different person.

2) Offline or Online?

For hiring a helper, you can visit lots of tutoring centers in search of the appropriate one. It takes a lot of time and has its pitfalls. We highly recommend you to look for a tutor at the online learning platform. It saves your time, and you can see reviews about these people or the absence of them (which is not good as well). After this, you can communicate via a chat or e-mail, or make a video call.

3) Monitor price of services

You will not be able to understand if this exact tutor’s service is expensive or not if you don’t surf the Internet for a while and find out the average cost. It depends on lots of factors, but it will be easier to orient while negotiating with your potential teacher. Also, it will give you a possibility to calculate the budget you will have to have.

4) Must-ask questions

You hire a person that’s why you will have something like a job interview. There are many sites where teachers offer their services; you can read the needed information on their profiles or ask them directly. There is the list that will help you to make a choice:

  • Subject

Choose a highly specialized tutor who doesn’t know a little about each subject, but has a particular offer connected with one science. You are not a schoolboy or girl anymore, a teacher with superficial knowledge won’t help you at all.

  • Education

The primary criterion for the choice is an education of the person. Ask what grades the tutor had and if he took part in any competitions.

  • Experience

Knowledge is great, but it doesn’t make a person an excellent tutor. Ask how long he has been working and how many students he had. Ask how many of them passed exams/improved grades/got a degree with his help. Nothing but the result of the student makes a good teacher.

  • Documents

It is up to you, some students don’t care, and they don’t ask any papers. But you might ask your tutor to show his DBS ( a new name for the CRB Criminal Record check ) and any academic certificates that he has.

  • Testimonials

If it is not a problem, you can use word of mouth and listen to your friends’ and acquaintances’ point of view about this tutor. But if you look for a teacher online, it becomes unreal. That’s why it is a good idea to ask to provide you with testimonials from previous students. Before ordering something we always read reviews, why not?

  • Methods

There are lots of different methods these days, and you don’t have to be aware of all of them. So does your tutor. But he has been able to have some working methods and explain how they work manifest. It is vital to understand what and why you do something.

  • The Beginning

It would be great to ask “What are we going to start with?” A kind of test. A good teacher always starts with verification of student’s knowledge. It is necessary to learn where the gaps are and work on them first. If a tutor is interested in your result, he will undoubtedly do it.

  • In private?

There are two types of classes: individual and group ones. Depending on the purpose that you follow you can choose one of them. Each has pros and cons. Share your thoughts about it with your teacher and consult about it.

  • Nothing is Clear

Ask a question that has a well-known answer. Allow your would-be teacher to explain it to you. If he gets the information across to you quickly, you will deal without a hitch. If you fall asleep in three words, this isn’t a person you will feel comfortable with. Therefore don’t even try to study with him something new.

  • Details

If everything is okay and the choice is made, speak about the place, time, duration of classes, needed materials. Have a great time studying!

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