How to Configure the Online Forum Mails in a Separate Tab in Gmail?

Nowadays, we use internet a lot especially the social media platforms. Using social media also indulges in taking part in group discussions, debates and Q&A solving in online forums. There are several forums like Google Groups, Quora, mailer lists, Google discussion boards and so on. While using Gmail, these mails may end up assimilating in your Primary mail tab. We get hundreds of emails through out the day and different types of mails from different senders clutter the primary mail box. It will be of great help if we can separate the forum discussion mails . So can we get a separate tab for this? If you are using Gmail, then surely you can. Gmail has by default three tabs, Primary, Promotional and Social. The Primary tab organizes the important emails, while Promotion tab gathers all promotional offers from different websites and the Social tab gathers all emails from social media websites like Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Snapchat etc. There are many other tabs which are not activated by default. For example, the Forum tab. This tab gathers mails from discussion boards, online discussion forums, mailer lists etc.

The following tutorial will help you to configure the online forum mails in the Forum tab in Gmail.

Steps to to Configure the Online Forum Mails in a Separate Tab in Gmail

1. First of all open Gmail in a web browser. Click on the cog wheel button under your profile picture. G

2. Click on “Configure Inbox”.

3. The Configure Inbox window opens. In the left panel, you will find the option Forum. Check the box beside it. Click on “Save”.

4. Your Gmail account will have the new tab “Forum”.

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