How To Know Which Drone To Buy?

How To Know Whic Drone To Buy?

Find a good cheap drone with camera on this page if you want to film or photograph from a bird’s eye view. We will list some interesting facts about drones as well as everything you need to know before deciding to buy a new quadrocopter.

Our suggestions will facilitate your search, so read more about the cool unmanned aircraft below and enjoy our offers. 

Which drone is the best? – Choose your quadrocopter today!

Drones are a type of unmanned aerial vehicle that can have one or more propellers to fly. It has become one of the most popular toys for children as well as adults. There are many models to choose from and it only matters which model suits you.

The best drone should meet your specific needs. There can be several factors such as size, design, features, quality, battery life and price that influence your decision. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that you will have the world’s most enjoyable play time, which you can also catch on videos or pictures.

It can be a small portable and lightweight drone that you can also use at home in the living room and pack in your purse or backpack. These cost less than a thousand pounds but unfortunately cannot carry any heavier cameras and smartphones or used in windy weather.

If a mini drone feels like a bad idea and you want something tougher, there are alternatives as well. In that case, you should bet on a large drone with long range and long flight time that also records video in 4K. These are often radio controlled and can be controlled directly from your smartphone or tablet even if you do not have it directly in your view.

The best part is if it offers FPV support so you can use your drone with VR glasses and enjoy real-time streaming. You can see the cool places in fantastic viewpoints that you otherwise cannot see with your own eyes. This way you can easily explore the country’s wonderful and secret springs. Thanks to FPV you can also compete with others so that some models are called racing drones.

There are a number of other interesting features to consider before purchasing. You can invest in a smart drone with GPS and other navigation systems so it can follow you on the ground – perfect for cyclists and runners. With the automatic control you can take a “drone” (selfie with drones) or prevent collision with other objects nearby.

An upgraded model with extra smart features is often slightly larger and costs more, up to several thousand patches.

It is one of the world’s most popular gadgets and the Chinese brand DJI has proven to be the best in the industry. Popular brands include Parrot and GoPro Karma drones checkout the link to find some other popular models:

Can you fly drones? – Laws and regulations that must be observed

Before you buy a quadcopter or drone and if you want to fly in any country, you must know that there are several rules that you must observe. First, you need to check which category your gadget belongs to. The category depends on the maximum take-off weight and whether or not it can flow out of sight. There are the categories:

  1. The models with a maximum take-off weight of less than 7 kg. These must flow within sight of you up to 500 m from you and no higher than 120 m from the ground.
  2. Models weighing between 7 – 25 kg can fly as far and high as you can see it.
  3. Models that have CE certificates that enable flight and control out of sight. These are FPV drones with camera and must have dual command.
  4. Label your unmanned aircraft with your name and telephone number. Smart tips to also get it back quickly in case you lose it.
  5. Check that everything is working properly with your drone and that it and its system are not broken.
  6. Ensure adequate lighting if you are flying in the dark.
  7. Always appoint the pilot to the commander to ensure a safe flight. This means that the pilot must keep up to date on the latest restrictions and conditions from a number of institutions including the police, the municipality and the county administrative board.
  8. Do not fly out of sight and more than 120 m from the ground.
  9. Don’t fly the drone too close to people, animals and property. This way you avoid possible damage. In that case, it is also a smart idea to obtain liability insurance even if it is not required for the models under 20 kg.
  10. Follow LFV’s drone map to always be on the safe side and not fly over the restriction, military and nature areas. Restriction areas include prisons, nuclear power plants, national parks. To fly over such areas, you must apply for special drone permits that you receive either from the County Administrative Board or the Transport Agency.
  11. Think of restrictions in the vicinity of helicopter airports (at least 1 km from the airport) and runways (below 50/10 meters in height and at least 5 km from the runway). To fly drones in control zones, you must obtain special permission from the air traffic control unit.
  12. Do not distribute photos and videos on social media without permission under the Camera Surveillance Act.
  13. Use the 2.4 and 5.8 GHz bands for radio control. You must have permission from the Post and Telecom Agency.

Everything in place? Then you are ready for a worry-free drone flight. 

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