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How To Reset Your iPhone Without Password?

Why Do You Need To Reset Your iPhone?

iPhones need to be reset for a number of reasons. Nowadays, we do not stick to a single model of smartphone. We tend to change our phone after a span of 6 months or one year or maximum 2 years. When we sell a device, we need to reset it to remove all personal details, applications, files and data before handing it to the buyer. This is one instance. There are several other instances when you might need to reset the phone. For example, your phone is stuck at Apple logo, or your iPhone system has crashed for some reason. You have to reset the phone as it is the only solution. Resetting the iPhone will require you to enter the Touch ID, Apple ID or whatever is needed. If you cannot remember your touch ID, then you have to hard reset your iPhone. Hard reset is a good option to choose and you cannot go wrong with it. But the biggest problem of hard reset is that all your data and files are deleted. You do not get the chance to backup your files. If you have enabled synchronization with iTunes or iCloud, then you are somehow sorted, otherwise, you may land up in trouble.

In such situations, you need a software that can readily remove your iPhone Passcode without requiring to hard reset the phone. There are applications available for this purpose. dr. fone Unlock is one such software that can flawlessly Unlock your iPhone without requiring to enter the Passcode.

How To Reset Your iPhone Without Password With dr.fone Unlock Software?

So, before proceeding to reset your iPhone, you must ensure whether you have created a backup of your files beforehand. if so, then you can hard reset your iPhone, or reset via iTunes. Else, you have to take help from dr. fone Unlock application. The software is compatible with Windows operating system. We have used the software and found it to be helpful. It is easy to use, flexible and can perform a plethora of functions.

In the following article, you will see how to how to reset iphone without password with dr. fone Unlock.

Steps To Factory reset iPhone without passcode using dr.fone

  1. First of all, download the dr.fone Unlock application on your Windows device. When the .exe file is downloaded, run it to initiate installation. Click on Install button to continue. install dr fone unlock
  2. The installation will take some time to complete. Once done, click on Start Now.                 start now
  3. The application finally launches. There are several options you can choose among Recover, Transfer, Repair, Erase, Switch, Backup and Restore, Unlock, Restore Social App, etc. Since your main motive is to unlock your iPhone or iPad without password, then download the Unlock app. When it is downloaded, you will be taken to the web page.    Dr fone unlock
  4. Next, connect your iOS device to get started. The app will prompt you to enter your phone model. next, click on Download to download the firmware.                                          dr fone Unlock dr fone unlock
  5. In the mean time, you have to keep your iPhone or iPad connected to your Windows computer. Click on Unlock.    dr fone unlock
  6. When the phone is unlocked, you will get a confirmation message.                                                                                     dr fone unlock

That’s all. You can use the software to remove locks from your iOS device flawlessly without any data loss.

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