How To Use Google Translate As A Proxy Service

How To Use Google Translate As A Proxy Service

In offices, colleges and schools, we often don’t have access to all websites, especially the social media ones. This is because social media websites and video streaming websites can reduce the productivity of work and thus certain websites are blocked locally. There may be times, when you genuinely need to access the websites. This article is actually a cheat code of accessing the locally blocked websites using Google Translate. Here’s one thing to mention. If the website you are trying to access is blocked by national regulatory authority, then this cheat method will not work. Check out the steps to use Google Translate as a proxy service.

1. Open Google Translate.

2. Now type on the first language the name of the website link, for e.g. Now click on Translate.

3. The translated text will be a URL. The URL can be opened by tapping on the text in the right panel (the translated text). The website will be opened inside Google Translate. You can now access it.

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