If you are not strong in English, you can use Simple English Wikipedia

you can use simplified version of Wikipedia
you can use simplified version of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the most popular and widely used online encyclopedia of the world. Wikipedia contents are generally available in a large number of languages as well as in English. If you are not comfortable with English, the most common option is to copy and paste the piece using Google Translate. Google Translate is definitely a reliable option in case you are totally not aware of the English language but Google translate not always translates things accurately.

If you have a limited knowledge of the English language, then Wikipedia has a better solution for you and that is the Simple English Wikipedia. The Simple English Wikipedia presents articles and contents in simplified English language, shorter sentences and easy grammar. Wikipedia writes articles in the easiest possible ways but that language may also be a burden to many users, but Simple English Wikipedia leaves no stone unturned in simplifying the texts.

The Simple English Wikipedia is for everyone! Children, adults learning English or having limited knowledge in English language are the ideal visitors of the site. Right now, there are 117,553 articles on the Simple English Wikipedia. More are yet to be added. As Wikipedia says, “They have all been published under both the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0 and the GNU Free Documentation License. You can help here! You may change these pages and make new pages. Read the help pages and other good pages to learn how to write pages here. If you need help, you may ask questions at Simple talk.”

How to use the simplified English version of Wikpedia. It’s simple! Visit https://simple.wikipedia.org/ instead of https://en.wikipedia.org/. This lin will take you to the first page of Simple English Wikipedia.

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