Inflatable greenhouse: Relief to plants and human

Inflatable greenhouse: Relief to plants and human
Inflatable greenhouse: Relief to plants and human

For some days between May 11 and June 8, a strange balloon like structure was found by the side of River Thames in London. The structure somehow resembles that of a future habitat in a space. Later on it was found that the protoype habitat is a project of Inflatable Greenhouse from named “Horticultural Spa and Apothecary Experience”. Loop.Ph is a research team that is working on a 5 year project in collaboration with amazing partners from Haeckles, Format Engineers, Pendred Fogging & Machines Room for the Chelsea Fringe & London Festival of Architecture 2015.

We have seen similar things in the past like inflated spa or inflated bathhouses. As the research team says, the inflatable greenhouse will be a great combination of spa and horticulture that will soothe both human beings and plants. The structure is made up of inflated PVC which is supported with two tons of steel scaffolding.

This The Nine Elms Vauxhall Partnership opens new scope of contemporary and future homes, pollution free and fresh environment. The inflated greenhouse will be filled with herb-infused aromatic mist. This mist will help in exfoliating humans and will nourish the flora inside the space. The plants inside the inflated greenhouse are grown aeroponically inside the scaffolding of the birch.

Aeroponic technologies was first studied by NASA. Aeroponic technology is a plausible strategy for growing plants in space with less water and almost no soil. This technology might be implemented for establishing survival conditions for plants and animals in space.


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