Interesting ICO’s to Keep an Eye On 2018

ICO is becoming the primary source of investment with the growing trend of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. There are a lot of people who are investing in the ICO resulting increase in the competition.

It is thus important to plan the investment. For investment, you must know what is the best ICO to invest in for 2018?

Here are some of the ICOs to keep an eye on 2018.


  1. Kyber Network

This is based on ethereum based blockchain technology. It is decentralized and has the ability to securely exchange the cryptocurrency in the form of tokens at minimal cost. It works on the simple principle of transferring the tokens from person to person.  

The users send or receive the tokens through the kyber network. There are reserve entities that bring the liquidity to the network. They can be private or public depending on whether the reserve contributor is public or not. Reserve contributor provides funds to the reserve entities who share the profits.  There is reserve manager who calculates the exchange rate and enters them into Kyber Network. The kyber network controls the reserve entities and is decentralized for the exchange of tokens.

  1. Cypherium

It is highly scalable and decentralized based on blockchain having thousands of transactions per second. This ICO is optimized for both on chain mineability and scalability through proof of work (PoW) in the combination of Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant (PBFT) systems.

The process starts with the leader node (crown) verified by validating nodes. The block accepts the blockchain. New block then broadcasted to the nodes.  Honest nodes will reject the nodes without PoW. Cypherium thus earned the scalability by separating the PoW from the transaction process. The bandwidth is limited to the capacity of individual nodes. Cypherium is the multilayer where the protocol and governance level are separated. The protocol layer is decentralized but supports the layer suitable for situations which are centralized application. It mainly requires measure such as central bank issuing the digital currency.


The is the platform that provides the ultimate security and transparency.  It is trustful source for blockchain trading eliminating the excess fees and inefficiencies associated with the asset trading.  It has the power and transparency with the distributed ledger creating the unique product for the asset trading and banking investment. provides the security and has the trusted record-keeping capabilities. It has the most efficient and secure method of listing assets in the crypto economy. is not only used for trading the crypto assets but also offer for Forex and CFDs over the precious metals. It offers more than 120 products and has the capacity to trade any number of assets.

  1.  Enigma Catalyst

Enigma data developed in the marketplace protocol as well as the catalyst which is the first application running on the protocol. It empowers users to curate and share the data and build the profitable market-driven strategies. Enigma Catalyst uses the quant research tools such as python SDK that is web-based and quickly provides the access to the designing, testing and refining the winning trading strategies.  

Investors can participate in the blockchain ecosystem in the data marketplace as the curator or consumer or both.  They can exchange the tokens and subscribe to data sources. One can participate in the winning strategies having the proven track record.  People can make money even if there is lack of time and skills by creating their own algorithm. Developers can create the successful algorithms and attract the investors and their peers.

  1. Unikoingold

UnikoinGold is the decentralized ethereum based crypto token. The design is for high volume, high security, esports and gaming related transaction on the unikrn platform. One can earn the tokens on his favorite game by simply connecting the unikrn wallet while playing the game. In fact, people can participate in the new and improved jackpots.  They can collect the playing cards earned by unikrn wallet of their favorite esports and play anytime they want.

There is live data injection for the pre-match odds from the 4500+ matches.  Investors can have the pre-post and live match score center. One can use the deeper skills for playing the wide range of matches for having fun and improve in the competitive environment.  Gamify the experience by completing the quests for unikrn products to earn the rewards that progressively increase with the difficulty.

Final Thoughts

The list of ICOs is huge but these are the top five ICOs to keep an eye for the investment in 2018. The rise of cryptocurrencies and ICOs has made it possible for entrepreneurs to found companies that harness the numerous benefits. The new technology-based financial systems are growing with time and investors prefer to opt in this scalable and secure means of investment. The results of these ICOs provide useful experiences through the list of applications. These ICOs have the power to transform the world.

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