Internet users may be fined huge amount for downloading movies from Torrent

Internet users may be fined huge amount for downloading movies from Torrent
Internet users may be fined huge amount for downloading movies from Torrent

There is a bad news for Internet users in India, especially those who download movies, television series from torrent. As we all know that downloading movies from torrent without purchasing them legally is infringing the copyright of the makers. Hence downloading any stuff be it a movie or a software is illegal and a punishable act. Most of the countries are now geared up in ablution of the menace. Torrent websites are blocked and many website owners are being arrested by different countries. In this context, it’s important to mention that India has also taken up the pledge to remove torrent websites.

As per a new order from the Government of India, cracking down or downloading copyrighted content on torrents and warez websites is a criminal offence and the issue will be dealt legally. A message is being propagated by ISPs on the blocked websites. The government has admonished visitors to penalize them for viewing, searching downloading material from these websites. Visitors may encounter a fine of Rs. 300,000 ($4,480), as well as three years in prison.

Several ISPs like Alliance Broadband, Gigatel and many others have started displaying warnings on illegal file-sharing websites, which says “viewing, downloading, exhibiting, or duplicating an illicit copy of the content” on such websites, is prohibited by law, ‘including but not limited to’ under Sections 63, 63-A, 65, and 65-A of the Copyright Act 1957 of the Competent Government Authority.

The full warning message is quoted below:

“This URL has been blocked under the instructions of the Competent Government Authority or in compliance with the orders of a Court of competent jurisdiction. Viewing, downloading, exhibiting or duplicating an illicit
copy of the contents under this URL is punishable as an offence under the laws of India, including but not limited to under Sections 63, 63-A, 65 and 65-A of the Copyright Act, 1957 which prescribe imprisonment for 3 years and also fine of upto [sic] Rs. 3,00,000/-. Any person aggrieved by any such blocking of this URL may contact at who will, within 48 hours, provide you the details of relevant proceedings under which you can approach the relevant High Court or Authority for redressal of your grievance”
The word viewing stated here is dubious because many media reports are saying that merely viewing he websites may land you up in trouble but that’s not true. According to a report by SpicyIP, the message was intended to let people know why such websites are blocked, hence the warning. It would be understandable that the poor wording on the government’s end, which includes ‘viewing’ could create some confusion among the affected audience.

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