Italian eyewear manufacturer Luxottica makes new version of Google Glass

Italian eyewear manufacturer Luxottica makes new version of Google Glass
Italian eyewear manufacturer Luxottica makes new version of Google Glass

Google Glass also known as Project Glass was originally developed by Google X. It was released in February,2013. It was considered to be another wearable technology after the smart watches. It bears a battery powered up display (HUD) instead of lenses which sits just above the right eye.
In November 12, Glass received recognition by Time Magazine as one of the “best inventions of the year 2012”.

The device is like having a smart phone just above your eye. As you look up it automatically gets turn on. Instead of bending over to see the notifications of your mails on your laptops or smart phones, here you can stay plugged with all the notifications right in front of your eyes all the time and in anywhere you want to. The device comes with a touchpad on the sides which goes over the ear that can tap or swipe for navigation. It can also be operated using voice commands by adding ‘okay glass’ in the beginning to start whatever you want it to do for you like launching an app, taking a picture, taking a call, go through notification, etc. Your wishes will be indeed it’s command.

However, people are not happy by the privacy settings. The drawback that the device is facing is sometimes it becomes tricky to find out if the user is clicking any picture or filming a video and slowly thus due to people’s objection and very less amount of sales it was rumoured to close it for permanently.

However, recently it was heard that Luxottica, a premier eyewear from Italy is working on the new version of the next Google Glass and intending to produce it in near future. It has also been heard from the Wall Street Journal that they shook hands with Tony Fadell, the Head of Nest home automation products and are assuring of building a new version to ‘make it ready for users, as it is a ‘fundamental platform’ for Google.

The CEO of Luxottica, Massimo Vian spoke at the Company’s general meeting about their partnership with Google for the new version of the Glass but refused to say any news about it at the moment. Luxottica has also joined with Intel intending to produce a similar product that will be launched in early 2016.

Google has provided a statement saying ‘the team is heads down building the future of the product’. We are hoping to hear more news about the further details of the Glass and other products.

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