Janus One- The phone that provides 3 month standby time

Janus One- The phone that provides 3 month standby time
Janus One- The phone that provides 3 month standby time

Janus One is a new age phone that has reincarnated the primary function of a phone in a smart and elegant way. The phone has only two primary functions, making calls and connectivity to a smartphone via tethering. Janus One is produced by GT Star company. While most of us have switched over to smartphones and tablets, it leaves a big question mark in our mind how can Janus One can make it big amid these huge ocean of latest and advanced smartphones and gadgets.

Janus One has answers to our questions. The first and foremost reason for owning a Janus One is its enormous battery backup. The phone offers a standby time of 3 months and 12 hours talk time whichis simply impeccable. Now the 1500mAh is strong enough to charge your smartphone when it becomes discharged. So, Janus One can beused as a power bank to charge up your smartphones as and when required. Apart from this, the phone is super slim and small. It has the dimension of a credit card and a thickness of 5.5 mm which can easily fit inside your wallets or pockets.

The phone doesn’t have any big screen but just a narrow panel that can show you the Bluetooth connectivity, number you are dialing and some additional features. Janus One is water-resistant and can withstand impact to a great extent. An additional feature is also present for health freaks, i.e a pedometer. So as you can see this phone will be a good companion to your own smartphone and will complement your phone beneficially.

The price is $69 and is available for purchase at Kickstarter. We are yet to know if the phone allows sending and receiving sms.


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