KeepVid Online Video Converter: A Simple and Efficient Choice for Video Conversion

We all have smartphones in our hands and the gadgets descend from a plethora of operating systems. Nowadays, almost every electronic gadget manufacturers are launching their customized operating systems or platforms. If you are a bit aware of the different operating systems, then you must be knowing the humongous amount of file types associated with the platforms. If you consider only the video files, then you will find that there are different file types like AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, FLV, 3GP, and more. Imagine you have two smartphones- one Android and one iOS. Since, these two are different operating systems, a certain video file type might compatible to one OS may not be compatible with the other. This is when you need video converter software applications.

As I explained the scenario above, the number of free online video converters has increased multitudinally. In this article we have reviewed a very efficient online video converter software known as the KeepVid Free Online Video Converter. The software is fully free and it enables you to convert video and audio files to most kinds of popular video and audio files. The best thing about the KeepVid is that you do not need to install any third-party software for this. KeepVid Online Video Converter is completely compatible with all modern browsers. Another important attribute of this software is the lossless video conversion. This means, you can convert any HD or SD video without having your video quality degraded.

In this article, we shall discuss the use and installation of the software.

1. The first step is definitely installation of the KeepVid Online Video Converter. You can also opt for the online converter. In that case, you may not install the application. Now choose your desired operating system- the Windows or OS X. Here, I have performed the steps for Windows operating system. After installation, run the .exe file.


2. Next, click on the Install button. Now the installation process will start and will take some time to cpmplete. Then, click on Start Now.

keep vide video converter

3. After installation, the KeepVid software will open its workspace. Here, you have to perform the conversion function . The steps are self explanatory and you won;t require much help to convert videos. On the workspace, there are primarily four main tabs- Convert, Download and Edit.

UI of keep vid

4. If you want to convert any video from one format to the other, then click on Add Files or simply drag and drop the file.

keepvid video converter conversion

5. The next step is choosing the output format. You can change the output location if you want to. This is not mandatory, but mentioned here for your convenience.

output format

6. When the download is complete, you can check the output file location.

The application works fine and the converted videos are not downgraded. They have the same quality as the original videos. The conversion speed is also commendable. There is no prominent negative feature of this software. But one thing, that disappointed me is that it claims to be a fully free video converter software but converts only 1/3rd of the entire video if not paid the subscription price.

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