Leaked Snowden Docs reveal Spies treating Cyberwar as a Punchline

Leaked Snowden Docs reveal Spies treating Cyberwar as a Punchline

NSA is literally infamous when it comes to tracking private data from users. NSA has been questioned and blamed many a times regarding this issue. Recently German website Spiegel launched a bunch if Snowden Docs which revealed some hilarious as well as notorious data which gives an indication of the Cyberwar that might hit the world.

According to Spiegel, “During the 20th century, scientists developed so-called ABC weapons – atomic, biological and chemical. It took decades before their deployment could be regulated and, at least partly, outlawed. New digital weapons have now been developed for the war on the Internet. But there are almost no international conventions or supervisory authorities for these D weapons, and the only law that applies is the survival of the fittest.”

The Snowden docs included some horrible slides. These slides were full of below standard cliparts and texts. Apart from this, some game cheats and game leaks apps for popular games like Angry Birds were found in the document. Another program which was found is known as the BADASS. All these documents are potentially threatening to the security of users.

It’s not long back that Britain’s GCHQ was able to track individuals with Unique Device Identifiers in iPhones the changed policy if Apple has included. If sources are to be believed, NSA can track energy grids if needed of targets outside of the Five Eyes alliance (U.S., Australia, UK, Canada, and New Zealand).

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