Photographer Discovers A Family Of Mice In His Garden: Makes A Beautiful Miniature Habitat For Them

simon dell

Eminent photographer Simon Dell was almost set to capture some beautiful birds through his lens. Just then, in his own garden, some adorable and innocent mice popped up and were captured in his lens. Instead of setting up traps or killing them, he did something really wonderful for them. What he did is beyond anyone’s imagination. He built a miniature village for them and ensured everything to give them a secured and beautiful life. In return, the cute animals gave him the most wonderful repayment by posing for his camera. The news was first published by Bored Panda. In an interview with Bored Panda, Simon Dell said that he was in his garden to take some snaps of birds and to get the grass cut. He found a family of mice in his garden. He offered a mouse, some peanuts and waited eagerly for it to come back. Without a second thought, he decided that he would give them shelter, food and everything. According to him, mice are too cute for traps.

He placed a box as a house for the mice. Then, he piled some logs and covered them with moss for them to give them extra protection from cats. He also put up some wire fencing along the fence. He made arrangements for the mice and their babies. You can read the entire interview here.

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