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Pitch Deck examples from successful startups

A pitch deck is…

Pitch Deck examples from successful startups

The simplest questions are always the hardest to answer. What is a pitch deck? 10-20 presentation slides? Good speech? A business idea framed in words?

All these answers fit the definition and at the same time doesn’t mean anything. 

A pitch deck is something more than just a collection of slides and interesting ideas. A pitch deck is a short version of your business plan and, of course, it’s your vision of embodiment of an idea. Actually, the embodiment is key. That’s what investors look for. Unusual vision is the most important part of your pitch deck. 

For example, all of us know how the taxi business works but only the Uber team modernized it as well as possible. In this case, you have only two options:

  • Create something totally new;
  • Modernize something that already exists.

You need not only a good idea and some bright slides but a solid understanding of implementing your idea. 

That’s want startup pitch deck truly is.

How to make the best pitch deck?

Pitch Deck examples from successful startups

There are some rules on how to do a pitch deck. Let’s take a closer look at it. 

Create your pitch deck, following these points:

  • Describe your proposition;
  • Explain what the problem is about;
  • Your way to solve it;
  • Tell about your business model;
  • Introduce the key members of your team;

Now let’s deal with each of these points in order to better understand the mechanism for working on a pitch deck.

Your proposition 

The best way to start your pitch deck is to start it from your unique vision and highlight the value of your idea for your potential clients and investors. 

Airbnb Pitch Deck is a great example of a pitch deck you need to find good investors. Analyze their pitch deck. 

By the way, their classic 10 Slide Investor Deck template is one of the most searched pitch decks on the Internet. It’s hard to find a person who has never heard about Airbnb. That’s why it’s so interesting to figure out how did they start their way. 

Explaining and solving a problem 

Remember, all successful products solve a problem. This is one of the main points of any successful business idea. Look at Facebook Pitch Deck to learn how have they solved a communicational problem or at Uber Pitch Deck to see how have they make the taxi business much more comfortable and modern.

Your business model 

Pitch Deck examples from successful startups

You need to focus on this part. Why on this one? Because it’s the right place where you can tell to your potential investors exactly how and how much they can earn on your project.

For this purpose, you need to show 3 scenarios:

  • worst;
  • best;
  • real.

In the worst-case scenario, you need to show a minimal profit in the most unfavorable circumstances. 

At best-case, you need to show a maximum profit, provided that the implementation of your idea will go even better than you can imagine. 

In the real-case, you need to show the average numbers, which in your opinion is quite realistic to earn, under conditions of force majeure and other real difficulties.

Each startup faces difficulties. This is normal, but something else is important. It’s important to be able to cope with these difficulties. And for this, you need a reliable team. This will be discussed in the next point.

What about a team?

Pitch Deck examples from successful startups

Can you proudly say that you have gathered a reliable team around your idea? This is very important for investors. In each member of your team, they should see the great potential and the ability to develop this idea to the maximum.

Take a look at the Facebook or Apple team. Watch how they started. Take an example from those who have achieved their goal and turned their ideas into successful projects. You’ll succeed. But you’ll certainly encounter more than one obstacle.

Who can help you? 

Take a look at LaunchRunch. Not only their pitch deck looks great, but the idea itself can help you. 

They create landing pages for startups, which makes startups more likely to be seen. This will help you attract more attention to your project. 

It’ll also help you show investors that your project attracts the attention of a large number of people. And this already prompts thoughts of success. 

By the way, even LaunchRunch started with a great pitch deсk.

Now you know how to do it

But don’t forget that your pitch desk should look visually appealing. For this purpose, you can contact a creative web design agency. It’s unlikely that anyone will be interested in a good idea if it’s poorly designed. 

Also, the poor design already suggests that you are unlikely to cope with the implementation of the project since you couldn’t work on the design. It’s better to entrust it to professionals, but the choice is on you. 

Nick is a Cloud Architect by profession. He loves to spend a lot of time testing and reviewing the latest gadgets and software. He likes all things tech and his passion for smartphones is only matched by his passion for Sci-Fi TV Series.

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