QNAP TS 451 : robust and efficient NAS and video transcoder

QNAP TS 451 : robust and efficient NAS and video transcoder
QNAP TS 451 : robust and efficient NAS and video transcoder

In this article I am going to give you an outline of the video transcoder and network storage QNAP TS 451. QNAP is the acronym for Quality Network Appliance Provider. The main of this device is to provide robust and efficient network attached storage (NAS) and video transcoder. The QNAP TS 451 has provided a plethora of features and flexibility to its NAS. This device is targeted to serve both home and SOHO users.

You can get several products under 8-bay, 6-bay, 5-bay, 4-bay, 2-bay and 1-bay. QNAP TS 451 comes under 4-bay devices. QNAPs are devices that incorporate fine hardware and software combined in perfect blend to provide wide range of applications like storage management, efficient file sharing, surveillance, security and many more. The TS series QNAPs are used for supporting file management and storage for home, personal use and Small Office/ Home office (SOHO).

Now coming straight to the specifications of QNAP TS 451, it is equipped with a Dual Core Intel Celeron processor with 2.41 GHz processor speed and 1 GB RAM. The high processor speed and a considerable RAM yields a 220 MB/s read and write speed. Besides this, it facilitates multimedia library with DLNA and airplay support. The most resplendent feature of this device is its uber fast encryption decryption process boosting up its transfer speed to 68 MB/s with AES 256 bit volume encryption.

Other specs include:

Disk Capacity- 4x6TB (24TB in JBOD); optional UX-800P for more
Network- 2xGiagbit Ethernet
USB ports- 2xUSB 3.0 (1 on front), 2xUSB 2.0
Weight- 6.6 pounds (3kg)
eSATA ports- 2 (on back)

QNAP offers a variety of mobile aps to aid a smooth connectivity with your smartphones and tablets. you can store you smartphone data in QNAP as well. A good number of apps are present for iOS and desktops but only one for Windows phone, “Qfile. Smartphone applications include QFile, Qmanager, QLite etc. It’s a one stop destination for fun, work and private file handling.

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