Role of Climate Change in Global Wildfire danger

Role of Climate Change in Global Wildfire danger

Global wildfire is an unintentional menace caused to the earth’s atmosphere. Wildfires are born because of thunder, human interference, friction of rocks with limbs of animals and many other factors. A recent research carried out on the climate induced variations in global wildfire danger. Data was taken from a huge span of 1979 to 2013 in order to study the climatic variations. Global wildfire burns out vociferously leading to huge emission of carbon dioxide, smoke pollutants, greenhouse gases etc. So it’s of utmost importance to study the wildfire danger.

The scientists collected weather data things like annual temperature, maximum wind speed, rain free days and othr meteorological data sets. The data was collected to calculate several different fire danger indices and to estimate global fire weather season lengths.

Climate strongly influences global wildfire activity, and recent wildfire surges may signal fire weather-induced pyrogeographic shifts. Here we use three daily global climate data sets and three fire danger indices to develop a simple annual metric of fire weather season length, and map spatio-temporal trends from 1979 to 2013. We show that fire weather seasons have lengthened across 29.6 million km2 (25.3%) of the Earth’s vegetated surface, resulting in an 18.7% increase in global mean fire weather season length. We also show a doubling (108.1% increase) of global burnable area affected by long fire weather seasons (>1.0 σ above the historical mean) and an increased global frequency of long fire weather seasons across 62.4 million km2 (53.4%) during the second half of the study period. If these fire weather changes are coupled with ignition sources and available fuel, they could markedly impact global ecosystems, societies, economies and climate.

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