Samsung Voices of Life app will help mothers send lullabies and hearbeat to premature babies

Samsung Voices of Life app will help mothers send lullabies and hearbeat to premature babies

Certain songs always make us nostalgic and then there are certain voices that comforts us and make our heart relaxed. The power of sound is mesmerizing. Samsung has developed an application Voices of Life that will allow parents so send lullabies and heartbeat to their premature baby. According to statistics, 15 million premature babies were born last year. premature babies need to stay in hospitals under emergency conditions for several weeks and the mother remains detached from their baby. One one hand, this disconnection and distance give the mother a depression, on the other hand the baby gets deprived of the nurturing sound of the womb.

Nurturing sound inside the womb means the hearbeat of the mother and her voices. These factors are extremely important for the brain development of babies and research has found that premature babies who remain away from their mothers often language and attention deficiency.

Harvard Medical School along with Samsung has worked on creating a virtual environment for the premature babies by which they can feel the presence of their mothers even though far apart. The Voices of Life application will help mothers to record their heartbeat. Smartphones with heartbeat sensor can do the needful. Parents can record their voices, sing lullabies and then sent them to the baby via the application. The application then does some processing like discarding high frequencies that might be detrimental to the babies and sends a soothing soft recording.

This is an amazing initiative by Samsung. Those 15 million women who leave their babies in hospital can not virtually connect to them, thanks to Samsung.

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