Supercharge your Lead Conversion Process with Conversational Artificial Intelligence

Supercharge your Lead Conversion Process with Conversational Artificial Intelligence

Sales conversations often carry valuable data that can be lost easily soon after hanging up a call. Conversational artificial intelligence software is designed to empower sales reps with the right information about a prospect or customer by recording, transcribing and analyzing sales calls. This helps with the identification of topics and keywords that helps sales reps to gather valuable insight about a prospect or customer.

Through this platform, businesses can have a rich repository of conversations with customers that sales managers can refer to when they need to identify non-compliance by reps, risky topics, best practices for coaching new sales team. Most importantly, conversational intelligence makes it possible to supercharge the lead conversion process that often stalls because of sales reps inability to identify and follow up qualified leads. 

Why should sales managers invest in conversation intelligence software?

Given the volume of calls sales teams handle on any given day, chances are there is a significant number of opportunities and errors that may go unnoticed when you have no system to help keep track. This can easily jeopardize your bottom line especially when sales reps are unable to meet their quota. Conversational artificial intelligence helps both sales managers and their teams to stay organized. Most importantly, they offer a rare opportunity for sales teams to pinpoint those key moments for each unique customer so that they can translate the data and insight gathered on the platform into an actionable output that in turn transforms the sales process.

When your teams have access to quality data from conversations with actual clients, it is easier to improve performance because they can emphasize on those strategies that work, eliminate those that don’t and streamline the team’s approach. Leveraging artificial intelligence to drive conversations with customers will drive sales by not only contextualizing but also personalizing the buying process for prospects and clients alike.

Conversational and lead conversion

It is critically important for sales reps to know and understand the kind of questions buyers often ask, the kind of value proposition that they value, their common objections, the nature of phrases they use when referring to services or products, their sensitivity to pricing and so much more. This information may be used to improve scripts. Most importantly, by capturing and processing such crucial information from conversations, conversational intelligence helps to significantly improve the lead generation process in the following ways:

Expedited lead engagement

In the absence of precise data that sales reps can refer to, the lead conversion process often takes too long. In some cases, important clients may be lost when leads are ignored or not addressed fast. Conversation intelligence comes in to help expedite lead engagement as sales reps can easily follow up conversations and keep leads engaged.

Helps to eliminate bad leads

The ability to distinguish between good and bad leads that are unlikely to end up with a conversion means sales reps can easily eliminate bad leads. With conversational artificial intelligence, sales reps have ample time to focus on superior leads that have a better chance of a conversion. This means they don’t get to waste time on the unqualified leads.

Ensures good leads are not lost

It is easy for sales reps to be overwhelmed and lose some good leads along the way. Conversational artificial intelligence ensures such leads are not ignored. Thus, this platform helps reps to follow up on all leads thus making sure that no qualified lead is lost.

Shorten the sales cycle

When sales reps have precise information about prospects, they can tell when to engage them with the right information while guiding them through the buyer journey. Having the right information helps to quickly and seamlessly move them from one phase of the buyer journey to the other.

Conversation artificial intelligence offers businesses meaningful and actionable insights from the voice of the consumer making it possible to forecast , measure and scale up sales performance to deliver personalized solutions and experiences. Moreover, sales teams can also be able to distinguish leads from customer experience issues while at the same time measuring the ROI of calls. Conversational intelligence is certainly revolutionizing the process of lead generation and conversion. You can either use these tools to discover new prospects or promote lead validation and conversion. Ultimately, this software helps to save on the time that sales teams would have spent sorting this kind of data and analyzing it before moving on to prescribe an appropriate solution.

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