Technical glitch in Google OAuth took a toll on third-party services

Technical glitch in Google took a toll on third-party services

Google suffered a serious technical glitch that caused errors while logging in to third party services on Tuesday morning. You must have used Google credentials while logging in to third party applications, websites etc for example Instagram, Pocket, Quora and many more. The tool that runs this service is called Google OAuth and some technical difficulties in Google OAuth last morning refrained users from logging into third party services.

Whenever users tried to access any third party app, a number of 500 internal error alerts popped up and the process stopped there only. It was uninformed how long the problem with Google OAuth persisted. But the problem stopped approximately between 11:30 hours to 12:30 hours ET in Tuesday. The problem was regional and not every part of the world were victims of the glitch. The issue was encountered mainly in the United States.

Many regions reported that their Google login for third party apps were running smoothly and no problem was found. The technical outage affected several organizations that deploy Google Apps and depend on Google OAuth for access to many services.

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