Track your off-road adventures with world’s first BMX bike sensor, launched by Iddo

Track your off-road adventures with world’s first BMX bike sensor
Track your off-road adventures with world’s first BMX bike sensor

Well if you are sporty person and obsessed with your sporty BMX bikes, then there is a good news for you!! For those who are not aware, BMX means bicycle motocross, it is an off-road sport bicycle used for racing and stunt riding. The news is Iddo has launched a BMX bike sensor, an activity tracker that can track your performance, your off-road adventures. Iddo, with the help of funds and contributions has launched the world’s first BMX bike sensor.
Well, the little metal skull icon add-on feature captures speed and GPS position. It also includes a 9-axis motion sensor and an altimeter to detect your air time and tricks. The angry look icon contrasts the boring smartphone add-on features. Iddo also helps to provide the lap times and map tracks if you are racing. The sensor even score stunts and have an added incentive to master that bunny hop or tailwhip.

Now, the question is when this companion Smartphone app will launch and what will be its pricing? The BMX bike sensor is expected to launch this September but pricing is expected to be a bit high. The peripheral devices are not cheap and Iddo has made a commitment between €159 and €189, which will be around $177 to $211. The free premium access to the app will cost about €5 ($6) per month once your free period expires. So, it’s better to try out before using it. One thing, for sure, give it a appearance if you can’t imagine cycling any other way.

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