How to Turn on Two-Factor Authentication On Instagram?

Instagram is a popular photo and video sharing app. Owing to its popularity, the security of the app is at stake. Often it’s found that spam posts are being generated by users. The app works on the security as soon as possible but for your extra security, you can enable extra security by turning on two-step verification for your Instagram account. It requires your phone number. Once you provide the phone number, it will send you a code number, You have to enter the code to confirm the authentication process. The process is very simple,we recommend you to ctivate this verification process to experience a safer experience.

Steps to Turn on Two-Factor Authentication On Instagram

1. Open Instagram. Go to your Profile page. Click on the three dots (options) located at the top right corner of thee screen.

2. Now scroll down the Settings and under the Account menu, you will come across an option called Two-Step Authentication.

3. Under Two-Step Authentication, there is an option called Require Security Code. Enable the option by moving the slider below it from left to right.

4. Instagram will then let you know that you have to add phone number in order to accomplish the verification process.

5. When you enter the number and continue to Next, a code will be sent to the number. Enter the code and enable Two-Step verification.

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