USB Type-C spec finalized but no word on when it will launch

USB Type C
USB Type C

The USB Type C specification is now finalized and replaces the USB 3.0 Promoter Group. The new type will be equipped to offer reversible plugs and cable orientation so that users are able to insert a USB Type-C cable in the ports that are compatible and function in either direction. One of the exquisite features will be the SuperSpeed USB that supports USB 3.1 and boosts up the data transfer speed to 10 Gbps.

This is definitely a great news for all high quality smartphones and laptops that support USB 3.1. The port will support power delivery of 100W. But onr constraint that is visible right now is that the current USB devices will need adapters to use the Type-C products. The launch news is definitely a progress but we could not fetch you the date if launch. In near future we will see latest devices and gadgets having this USB type C ports and we will update the date as soon as we get it.

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