What is procrastination browsing and how to fight it with Take a Five

What is procrastination browsing and how to fight it with Take a Five

Self control is not an easy thing. We get to understand the importance of self control in our daily life, almost everyday, when we waste too much time using Facebook and chat services. Yes, before doing any work, we open the Facebook like a reflex action and intend to check the notifications and then log out immediately. the five minutes login plan is never a five minutes plan. We get engrossed in watching cute baby videos, trending news, random friends’ anniversary pics followed by a tough argument session on a random page. Time flies and we get burdened by information overload thus leaving us weary and irritated. This habit is in almost everyone of us and a browsing experience of this sort is called procrastination browsing. Offices do keep certain websites blocked in order to maintain productivity of work and those are definitely useful. But if you want to practice self control rather than being forced to not see something you like to see, then there is a pool of apps for you. Product engineer Cole McCollum has created a website called “Take a Five”. Take a Five creates a self destructing tab which closes after the timer set by you expires.

1. First open Take a Five website. Then select the minutes after which you want to shut down the tab.
You can also set custom time.

2. When you set the browser timer, a new tab will open and a timer will start in the current Take a Five website. The tab closes when the times comes to zero.

3. When the tab closes, you will get this message.

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