White House calling upon tech giants to fight ISIS terror groups

White House calling upon tech giants to fight ISIS terror groups
White House calling upon tech giants to fight ISIS terror groups

President Barack Obama dropped a proposal of demolishing Islamic State terror group (ISIS) labeling an anxious nation following the terrorist massacre in San Barnadino. With the President’s proposal, the White House buckled up and started engrossing again Silicon Valley Companies and also other tech giants like Microsoft, and Apple in the battle against frightening firm online. Some elective people with the government will gather with technology executives today in California scrutinizing partnerships.

A copy of White House’s Agenda came from the news source of Reuters and The Guardian about the approaching meetings. The US government is going to endeavor to enroll major companies,inclusive of Microsoft, Apple, Facebook. YouTube, Twitter, Linkedln and Dropbox for this battle against ISIS and many other forthcoming threats.
It has been came to know that Terrorist Organisations are now trying to operate social networks as a new mean for their recruitment and propaganda tools and the White House is keeping an eye for more companies which can interpret these practices. As neither Microsoft,nor Apple nor any companies are in engage of social network there is a little chance that Government’s consciousness might turn towards encode.
All the companies including the previous companies enlisted here before are making sure of their customer’s seclusion and they are trying hard to not look as too friendly with the government after Edward Snowden revealed the NSA’s and other government’s practices.
The White House is emphasizing it’s anchor towards the encryption online and devices. A quote rose from one of the technology executives that it felt like “bait and switch” indicating Government’s only core concentration on social networks and online recruitment.
What will be absorbing is if companies starts replying to the government’s plans and had gone massively against Government’s wishes like Apple with strong encryption on the iPhone and Microsoft fighting for user’s privacy outside of the USA.

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