With Savr, you can Sync text across multiple devices using your Wi-Fi connection

With Savr, you can Sync text across multiple devices using your Wi-Fi connection

If you want to find out an app that would sync your clipboard content across multiple devices, there are plenty of apps to do so. Most of the apps perform additional functions like backing up texts, saving history etc. Even though the apps are multi featured, but the increase in number of features make the apps clumsy and large. So if your only intention is to sync clipboard content across many devices, then there is a simple app for this purpose. It’s called the Simple Savr.

Savr has no gimmick, no extra distracting feature but just straight forward function. There is an app for your mobile device. The synchronisation of text is done via the Wi-Fi network. All you need to do is to turn on your Wi-Fi and have the app opened in both your PC browser and mobile browser. Now just copy and paste the text in the desktop app. It will appear on your mobile browser.

The most beautiful thing about this app is that you don’t need to install and app. So no space is wasted for the app. As said earlier, it doesn’t perform any fancy feature, so it won’t backup the text you pasted. The app is not able to sync multiple text chunks. You have to copy and paste a paragraph at one shot. Then when it’s synced to your mobile and you have accessed the text, then you can paste the next para in the desktop app. The desktop app will then replace the old text with the newly pasted text. The features are very basic, yet effective.


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