Worldle: Brush Up Your Geography Skills With This Game


The world is going crazy after the famous Wordle game, Now, a lot of other such games have also developed based on the same concept. The latest and most interesting among them is Worldle (Derived from World). This game has same rules as Wordle.

Worldle is developed by Made by @teuteuf. For Worldle, you have 6 chances to guess the name of the country, island or territory whose map will be given in the picture. You have to type the name and pick from the drop down menu to avoid any spelling mistakes. As you choose a name and click on Guess, you will get the result in a 4 column format. The first column is the name of the territory or country that you have selected, the next column is the distance (in KM) of the country from the actual answer. The next column shows arrow indicating the direction (E, W, S, N, SW,NE, NW, SE) of the answer. The last column is the percentage proximity or percentage with the answer country.

Worldle is heavily inspired from Wordle, developed by Josh Wardle (@powerlanguish)

So, what are you waiting for? Start playing this addictive game!

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