10 Best Mobile Location Tracker Apps

Now, it is easier and convenient to keep tabs on the whereabouts of loved ones. Thanks to mobile phones and the development of mobile phone tracking apps, you can track anyone’s location remotely. 

With a multitude of phone tracking apps available today, choosing the best for your needs can be challenging. To make your search easy, this post shows you the 10 best mobile location tracking apps available. 

#1 Spyine – The most comprehensive phone tracking app

With Spyine, users get to enjoy the most comprehensive phone tracking experience. The app comes with more than 30 features that work on Android and iOS devices. Check them out by visiting the official website demo. 

Over a million users globally trust Spyine for their tracking needs. Its popularity and capabilities have gained the attention of major media outlets like Forbes. What’s more, Spyine has an amazing customer approval rating. 

As a web-based phone tracking app, users can conveniently track their targets remotely. Read more here about Spyine and what makes it the best online mobile location tracker by phone number. 

Most popular Spyine feature 

Although Spyine provides well over 30 features, here are some of the popular features with users. 

1. Location tracking 

The ability to track the whereabouts of a mobile phone is remarkable, especially for parents. Spyine provides a way to track both the real-time location and location history of the target smartphone. 

Best of all, it provides details such as GPS coordinates, street addresses, and Google StreetView. What’s more, all the details are accessible on an interactive map on your dashboard. 

2. Social media tracking 

Spyine can track all the popular social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Whatsapp. It allows you to spy on all social media chats and posts on the target device. 

The app backs up all the chats on its server to give you access to deleted chats. It can even track text messages on the target device. 

3. Keylogger feature 

The keylogger feature records all the keystrokes on the target smartphone. Spyine can even record sensitive details like usernames and passwords used on the mobile phone. It groups them by app for easy access. 

#2 Minspy 

As one of the latest phone tracking apps, Minspy delivers remarkable capability. The app can track both iPhones and Android smartphones. All tracking occurs remotely through a web browser. 

The app comes with over 30 phone tracking features besides the ability to track location. It can track call logs, text messages, and other installed apps. Minspy is also a web-based phone tracking app that supports remote tracking. 

Also, Minspy doesn’t require technical skills to use it. Instead, it relies on the latest technology to avoid rooting Android or jailbreaking iPhones. This way, it makes tracking undetectable and safe. 

#3 Spyic 

Spyic is one of the pioneers in the phone tracking industry. The app delivers more than 35 tracking features. With Spyic, users can track much more than the whereabouts of the target mobile phone. 

Best of all, you get to monitor the whereabouts of the target mobile phone remotely. You only need to log into your Spyic dashboard to start tracking your target. Also, no rooting or jailbreaking necessary with this phone tracking app. 

#4 Neatspy 

This is another remarkable phone tracking app. Neatspy can track iOS and Android devices with more than 30 features. The features can track anything from phone whereabouts to installed apps. 

With Neatspy, you get to track the target mobile phone remotely. Also, the app works in such a way that its operations remain undetectable. For instance, no installation on iPhone and it automatically hides on Android phones. 

#5 ClickFree 

ClickFree is another popular phone tracking app. Although it is among the latest surveillance apps, Spyic has gained a very high customer rating of 96%. Besides, no technical skills necessary to use the app. 

What’s more, all the tracking takes place online. The app is popular with parents who wish to monitor the whereabouts of their kids. It provides a convenient way of tracking anyone remotely. 

#6 Spyier

With Spyier, you get a comprehensive phone tracking app. The app can track Android and iOS devices remotely using your preferred web browser. Also, it delivers over 30 phone tracking features for both platforms. 

The app guarantees the data privacy of the target device user. To accomplish this, the app never collects data from third-party apps. Also, Spyier doesn’t require technical know-how to start using the app. 

#7 TeenSafe

As one of the newest phone tracking apps, TeenSafe uses cutting-edge technology to track your target. It offers more than 30 phone tracking features besides the ability to track the whereabouts of a mobile phone. 

Also, TeenSafe is a web-based phone tracking app that late you track a phone remotely. The app works on both Android and iOS devices. All its tracking activities are undetectable. 

#8 Spyzie 

Spyzie is a leading parental control app that supports both IOS and Android devices. The app delivers over 30 tracking features that track everything from phone whereabouts to installed apps. 

All the phone tracking activities in this app occur remotely through a web browser. Best of all, you won’t have to root or jailbreak the target smartphone to start using the app. Rather, Spyzie relies on the latest technology. 

#9 FoneMonitor 

Another trustworthy phone tracking app is FoneMonitor. The app comes with more than 30 phone tracking features besides the ability to monitor phone location. It can even spy on social media apps like Facebook and WhatsApp. 

All the tracking activities take place in stealth to avoid detection. Also, no rooting or jailbreaking necessary for the app to work. 

#10 Safespy 

Safespy is the latest phone surveillance app. The app is popular with parents who want to keep tabs on their children. It is equipped with over 30 phone tracking features. 

With Safespy, you can monitor virtually anything on the target smartphone. The app works on iOS and Android devices. Best of all, tracking activities take place remotely. 


Thanks to phone surveillance technology, you can now track the whereabouts of a phone remotely. In this post, we shared the 10 best mobile location tracking apps. Feel free to use any of the recommended surveillance apps. 

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