5 Main Types Of Custom Software Developers Explained

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There’s a few common types of custom software developers that can be found throughout the programming industry. Custom software engineers can often be generalized and grouped into a few distinct categories. After all, there are nearly 27 million professionals working in this fast-paced, ever-changing, and highly-technical field. This means that developers work to satisfy unique sets of user, client, and external stakeholder needs. For programmers like yourself, this means there is an endless supply of high-paying, lucrative opportunities to explore. This way, you can refine, expand, and future proof your programming skillset. Plus, these career opportunities enable you to challenge yourself with a constant learning curve. To help you get started, read on to learn about the main types of custom software developers explained. 

Operating Systems (OS) Engineer

First off, you’ll likely encounter operating systems developers when working in the custom software programming field. Overall, the job of an OS developer is to build, design, and deploy better software applications. They review, analyze, install, and modify operating systems to run on computers. In addition, they’ll analyze any issues or hazards associated with existing OS solutions. This may require them to detect, diagnose, and report issues to expert cybersecurity teams. Plus, you’ll need to be familiar with online cyber security tips. Working in these positions, you can access a high rate of pay, build a transferable skillset, and work from anywhere in the world. Certainly, OS programmers are one of the main types of custom software developers. 

Custom Software Developer

In addition, a customer software programmer is a fundamental type of developer. Essentially, these type of programmers work on designing, developing, distributing, and modifying software programs from scratch. This often requires them to work with the latest programming tools and technologies. For example, they’ll regularly use Docker hub, which is Docker’s official registry. Here, developers can access well over 100,000 images, including official assets from MongoDB, Apache, and MySQL. Working with these solutions, you can benefit from built-in security features, including local image vulnerability scans. Surely, custom software developers are a main type of programmer you’ll encounter in the field. 

Data Science Architect

Also, data science engineers have found a valuable fit within the custom software development field. In short, these developers write programs that inspect, analyze, and evaluate complex data sets. Typically, they are charged with overseeing machine learning (ML), predictive modeling (PM), and statistical analyses. That means these programmers have a complex, technical skillset that extends to several development-related things. This includes different programming languages, such as JavaScript, Python, and Ruby on Rails. It will also help to know linear algebra, as well as basic calculus equations. After all, being able to spot irregulars or imperfections in big data sets is critical for these careers. Indeed, look for high-paying, in-demand career in data science

Security Analyst 

There are also a wide range of opportunities in security development. These type of developer work in building procedures, strategies, methods, or system that inspect the security of software systems. In short, they write algorithms and programs that exploit dangerous cyber security flaws. Often times, these engineers will be tasked with working as a “white hat” or ethical hacker. This means they’ll attempt to penetrate systems to discover threatening vulnerabilities. Similar to other careers mentioned, they may need to write programs in computer programming or scripting languages. These include Kotlin, TypeScript, Objective-C, and Elm. Absolutely, a security developer is a great job to consider in the custom software programming field. 

Quality Assurance Developer

You can also pursue software development careers in quality assurance (QA). These developers test, analyze, and validate the quality of completed software applications. Additionally, these professionals prepare automated testing methods and cases to assure your systems are running as intended. This way, they can pick up on errors and plan an approach for solutions. Working in this profession, QA experts will learn around $90,000 annually. Definitely, a quality assurance engineer is a great type of development job to consider this year. 

There’s a few main types of custom software developers you’ll likely encounter when working in the field. First and foremost, you may be able to secure a job as an operating systems developer.  In addition, consider high-paying careers as a custom software developer. Also, there are great jobs to consider in data science engineering. There are also a number of new, flexible jobs for professionals interested in quality assurance developer. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the main types of custom software developers explained. 

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