Apple to send notifications on access of iCloud accounts

Apple iCloud account access notification mail
Apple iCloud account access notification mail

After the scandal involving celebrities’ photos being hacked from iCloud, Apple has added more security features to iCloud. Now if your iCloud account is being accessed on the web by you or somebody else Apple will send you email notifications warning you about your account. The same thing applies if you are accessing your iCloud account on a new device for the first time, restore data on a new device and on an attempt to change the password of your iCloud account.

This is the first possible step that Apple could have taken in securing its customers’ data on the cloud. Though the user will get notified after the access yet it is an effective process of detecting an unauthorized access to the account.

Earlier such notification were sent only for logging in to FaceTime and iMessage and now iCloud also has been added to the list. By doing this Apple has added another layer of security to iCloud. The alerts generated cannot prevent hacks but they sure are an indication in signalling that your account?s security is being compromised. This can be helpful in tracing a hack in progress and also the person trying to hack the account.

Though it is just a baby step Apple needs to work on securing accounts of its users so that it can gain their confidence once again.

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