Check Out The Best VR Headsets Of 2021


VR, or Virtual Reality, technology has advanced rapidly in the past few years with giant steps. Currently being one of the foremost gaming attractions, VR technology is yet to find it’s place in the usage in the practical field. We have picked some of the notable VR headsets which are now one of the most demanded ones in the current market.

Check out the best VR headsets of 2021.

Oculus Quest 2

The currently best standalone VR and the most demanded one in the market. Here is why.

Positives: Wireless, fine touch controllers, self contained, comfy, option for PC VR Headset.

Limitation: Facebook account is mandatory

A pretty great grab for $300 as it delivers the best gaming and VR experience to it’s users. It provides unique comfort to the users along with being cheap, fast and small. It’s newest version comprises a storage space of 128 GB, the absence of which in it’s old versions was considered as a drawback.

HP Reverb G2

The highest resolution PC VR headset with sharp high res display, great audio, comfortable design but with a small shortcoming of having mediocre controllers. This is the best VR Headset with the highest image quality in consumer. It also comes with fantastic drop-down speakers designed by Valve, is lightweight, is affordable with 2,160×2,160-per-eye resolution and 114-degree field of view.

Valve Index

For experiencing the future of VR controllers or the evolution of VR controllers, this PC VR is the ideal choice. The Valve Index comes up with amazing pioneering controllers, high quality headset that works with Vive Hardware. But, it is expensive and needs a tethering cable and a room setup. If you can adjust with these few shortcomings then you are free to enjoy this great piece. It has knuckle controllers which are pressure sensitive and tracks all 5 fingers of the user. 

Sony PlayStation VR

For gamers who are passionate and enthusiasts over a large number of games, this would indeed be a great choice. It is cheap, works with a large number of games, works over so many PS4 controllers such as Move, DualShock. Although it’s resolution is not cutting edge and it’s parent company Sony yet hasn’t created VR controllers that match the market competition but there is news of a new version coming next year. It is a high demanding product and users try hard to get one.

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