Easy Way To Work Better With The Help Of Pluralsight Flow (Gitprime)

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Get the opportunity to work a lot better with some of the deep insights on the present engineering workflow with Pluralsight Flow (Gitprime). This platform will actually help you to accelerate velocity and then release the products a lot faster with perfect visibility into the present engineering workflow. The flow will then aggregate some of the historical git data into easy understandable insights and then reports. The main goal is to make the engineer team even more successful than before.

Understand the real meaning of flow:

Flow will present you with the opportunity to enjoy unmatched visibility right into the workflow pattern of your organization’s teams. It will actually help you to identify the present bottlenecks and then get to compare the trends. Comparison of such trends will actually help the team to be quite effective, as much as you want it to be.

No need to count lines of coding:

Whenever you understand how your team is generally working, you can then literally identify and start focusing on the work. With the help of Pluralsight Flow, you can actually see the amount of time you are spending on refactoring legacy code versus the new work. You can further recognize the project bottlenecks and then get to remove them before they cause any harm. That’s not all as you are going to receive concrete data around commit risk and code churn. That will help you to impact on some better guide discussions.

  • Now you get the opportunity to ship a lot faster as you know a lot more and not because you are rushing into it. 
  • Past performances will help in predicting the future ones. With Flow, you can compare the sprints and then release them with time.
  • As a result, the previous uniformed conversations about the engineering will turn into data based debate free discussions.

Connecting the dots right between codes and skills:

Now, you get the opportunity to procure insights into the effective result of the team by programming the language. It means you get to see when your team is crushing it and where they might want to get some help from your side.

  • With the help of the proficiency level and report by your side, you can easily commit efficiency by month for every language.
  • You can also gain some of the best Skill IQ data from the Pluralsight skills.
  • More so, you can also get to enjoy skill development and the workflow recommendations associated for your team now.

Get the opportunity to eliminate guesswork:

Now you get the opportunity to eliminate guesswork and any form of disruptions with the Pluralsight Flow. It is true that managing some of the large teams can be pretty hard. However, the volume of activity seems to be quite overwhelming. The stand-ups are also noted to be pretty ineffective and meetings are here to take up some of your valuable time. 

  • The proper Work Log at this stage is likely to offer you with a single view of the contributions of the team along with the work habits in here.
  • Get the chance to view the code of the project and its commits and PRs within a singular dashboard.
  • You will also know what a day in engineer’s life is like and how to make it better.
  • Furthermore, you will receive the opportunity to identify the bottleneck of the project right at one glance.
  • With the help of Work Log, you will receive one comprehensive view of major artifacts that engineers are here to produce in a sprint or day.

Get the chance to match events to activities:

The things that you can measure will get managed automatically. You need to realize the impact of scaling team. The new CI/CD tools must speed up the delivery process and you need to keep an eye on it. Be sure to answer all the queries with the Project Timeline. It helps to map the org events to the engineering activities and contributions. 

With the help of Project Timeline, you get the opportunity to validate or challenge the decisions that can otherwise impact the team. Make sure to be the advocate engineers and their needs to work on building and delivering the business values.

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