Hide The iOS 7 Status Bar Or Any Of Its Icons/Elements With StatusBarSuite

StatusBarSuite for iOS

Tweaks like HideMe7 have been awesome since they carry on several functions with numerous facets of iOS, but there is plenty of options for specified packages inside the jailbreak store. While HideMe7 possessed some reasonably good alternatives to alter the iOS 7 status bar, you cannot name its characteristics list rigorous by any way. For instance, if you are thinking of hiding the status bar as a whole, HideMe7 cannot assist you in that situation. With a fix like StatusBarSuite, still you can do exclusively that and much more is added to it. This fresh launch allows you to alter the visibility mode of all iOS 7 status bar components, administering with both the temporary and permanent ones. Users are offered the option to hide battery and WiFi icons, the time status, and almost every other feature that shows up in the status bar.

Some icons just only show up in the status bar when you have a particular setting switched on, or a particular service is currently being utilized. Now with the StatusBarSuite, you can just hide these icons and keep them out of sight even when the setting is totally working fine. It bestows its own menu to the Settings app (Settings > SBS Preferences), where you will hit upon a separate toggle button preference for every individual icon. The individual components that can be concealed from the status bar are listed below.

Battery icon (the percentage still persists to be visible, since you can switch it off from the stock Settings app)
The name of your service provider
Time display
Bluetooth icon, yet being active
Bluetooth battery icon
WiFi and LTE icon
The present signal strength
The icon showing an active alarm
The icon that comes up when the orientation lock is switched on
Airplane mode icon
Do Not Disturb icon

Just keep it in mind that to get rid of a specific feature, its matching toggle must be switched on and not off. Also, the modifications performed with the help of StatusBarSuite do not show the result unless you re-spring the device( i.e jailbroken device), the choice for which has been made available just at the bottom of the application’s Settings menu.

The feature which I must say is one of its kind, although being a bit whacky, a service of StatusBarSuite is the ‘Hide Status Bar’ option. When this particular choice is turned on, all applications on your device would turn out be full screen. Unluckily, this may contribute towards to a handful of out of the blue shutdowns and issues with some of the applications that show the keyboard along with it. In our case, the issues are not too much significant, but still they persist due to some faults which are yet undiscovered, and really required to be out right on the path.

StatusBarSuite is a freeware tweak, unlike HideMe7 (which costs your pocket 99 cents). You can download it to your iOS 7 device from the BigBoss repository of the Cydia store.

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