How To block Unwanted Calls, Video Calls, Messages And Mail On iPhone?

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If any unknown person is disturbing by making continuous calls or messages or video calls on your number, you can block them easily.

You can block any number from four different iOS apps like Phone, FaceTime, Message, Mail. Block that number from any app and it will be blocked from everywhere. You do not need to block the same number from all the apps separately.

How To Block Calls On Phone App of iOS?

Go to Recents list of Phone app. There is a “i” symbol with every number. Find the number you want to block. Click on the “i “ symbol. Now you can see the option Block this Caller. Click on it and block the number.

If you want to find out the Blocked numbers, simply open the Settings app, and go to Phone. Scroll down and find out the Blocked Contacts menu.

How To Block Contacts From Messages on iOS?

Open Message app. Choose the message from the number you want to block. Tap on the message. At the top of the screen, you can see the sender name or number. Tap on it. Now “i“ symbol will be shown. Tap on it and a detail page will show up. Tap on the sender name or number and then Block the Caller.

How To Block Contacts From FaceTime on iOS?

Open FaceTime. Tap on the “ i”  symbol of the Contact or Phone number or email address that you want to block. Scroll the screen and click on Block this Caller.

How To Block Contacts From Mail on iOS?

Open Apple’s Mail app. Select the mail from the person you want to block. Open that mail and click on Block this Contact.

When you blocked someone and he is still trying to call you on Phone app or FaceTime  the call will cut automatically and transfer to the voicemail section. If the blocked person is trying to send any message shows silently in the voicemail section of Phone app. If the blocked person is trying to send mail that will store in thrash folder.

FaceTime calls and Messages does not show any notification from blocked contact.

Blocked contact does not receive any alert message from your end. He just can guess that you block the contact as he can not contact you.

View block list or Unblock contact

Go to Settings app. Phone , Messages, FaceTime three options are showing. Select one from which you want to unblock contact. To unblock any contact from Mail directly open mail as mail has own unblock setting.

You do not have to open each app separately to unblock any contact as block list is same . Unblock it from (Phone or FaceTime or Messages or Mail ) one app and it will be unblocked from everywhere.

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