Is ITIL certification worth getting?


The ITIL framework has established an international example in Information Technology Service Management. It is a best-practice framework intended to help businesses to increase the use of their IT-enabled products and services, managing their growth, maintenance, and association with significant company aims. Also, the ITSM framework is not characteristic, which allows practitioners to accommodate it to satisfy their requirements without following any strict rules.

By choosing the framework, businesses can build more effective, lean and intended services. This, in turn, can aid them to use IT services of greater quality and at a significantly rapid pace. More essentially, ITIL supports an environment of constant improvement, helping users to continually reassess and raise the benefit of existing services whenever possibilities arise.

With most businesses now relying on IT to some measure, ITSM frameworks like ITIL have a lot of potential learners. Usually, the most pressing inquisition that they have is if the ITIL certifications worth the value spent on training programs. This can be twice valuable for professionals thinking to spend their own cash, as picking the right program could give addition to their career outlooks.ITIL Foundation certifications can even create possibilities in Project Management and ITSM. This allows professionals to build up the knowledge and skill required to ultimately take on superior roles in management.

With the latest version of the framework, ITIL 4, there is an exceptional deal of interest in ITIL certifications. With that thought, let us take a glance at whether or not the ITIL certifications are worthy.

How does ITIL certification work?

ITIL certification is divided into 5 levels. These are:

  • Foundation
  • Practitioner
  • Intermediate
  • Expert
  • Master

Every level has separate terms for appearing for the exam and clearing it. Also, passing each level is awarded a particular number of credits. For example, a whole of 22 credits is required for an individual to be certified as an ITIL expert. But, there are other equivalent certifications that can help you get the expert certification faster.

ITIL is a helpful skill set

ITIL certification is a valuable skillset and has numerous benefits. Being ITIL certified, professionals can accomplish their aim faster. Few of the benefits of the ITIL certification include:

  • Global recognition: ITIL certifications are recognized globally and have established universal benchmarks of excellence for everyone in the Information Technology profession all over the world. Professionals believe that their certification will be worth the money and effort and will benefit their career.
  • Increased job opportunities: Learners recognize possible improvements while ITIL sessions and seminars. They also recognize their duties and responsibilities in service management and delivery.
  • Build a strong relationship with customers: Getting ITIL certification helps professionals build their confidence levels which enables them to enhance their customer service delivery.
  • Competitive advantage: It presents models and processes which help service providers to manage their business, users, suppliers, and customers in a conventional method. It also assists individuals in understanding the models and processes which gives them a competitive advantage.

Is ITIL certification actually worth it?

This question can be addressed in two segments:

  • Will the certification enhance your career?
  • Is ITIL certification worth the money spent?

1. As more IT organizations recognize the effectiveness of ITIL administration, the demand for ITIL professionals is increasing all over including industries like healthcare. ITIL practices are extremely beneficial in managing the business efficiently. In order to implement these practices, organizations need qualified ITIL certified experts. Hence, there are numerous job opportunities available in the market for ITIL certified professionals.

2. ITIL certified professionals have a high success rate across various industries. This is because the ITIL certification improves the skill of an individual to recognize, plan and promote the IT services in a company. This results in enhanced productivity, performance and effectiveness. Also, the certification helps to focus on the essential projects to help the organization grow.


In the end, let’s answer the question this whole article is about. The question most people have while deciding whether or not to invest such a tremendous amount of time and money on certification. ITIL certification is really worth the time and effort as it has a better chance of grabbing the attention of the employers. Many jobs today are filtered based on the certification. Gaining the certificate after passing the exam proves that an individual has gained the experience and skills which help the organization grow. A


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